What are Partnering Agreements?

Whether for subassemblies or entire product lines, we believe the best way to deliver process efficiency is through partner agreements. These agreements ensure multiple benefits to the client, including a continuous supply for high quality assemblies from a single source, fair and reasonable prices and “dock-to-stock” of just-in-time materials receipts.

SWEMCO asks for a long term program engagement with forecast volumes and an open communication regarding forecasts.

In exchange, SWEMCO provides: 1) flexible deliveries, 2) open book raw material costs, 3) cooperative DFx efforts (design for cost, design for obsolescence, design for manufacturability, and 4) access to automated and value-add reporting.

How can SWEMCO help me manage costs?

Assemblies built by SWEMCO are delivered on time and they work. We take pride in that.

Working cooperatively, SWEMCO provides transparent access to the supply chain and raw material costs.  We believe our purchasing leverage and supply chain experience results in the most competitive raw material costs, but we also welcome our client’s input and participation.

SWEMCO can reduce total costs by allowing you to convert fixed costs to variable costs. So when your business experiences peaks and valleys, you do not need to make a substantial revision to your overall business structure.

Everyone says they provide On-Time Delivery, but how does SWEMCO keep that promise?

We have developed proprietary business processes that enable a variety of production planning and supply chain participants to interface seamlessly. Your team can access this information system to generate production and raw material reports that may be forwarded to respective clients or suppliers via automated emails.

Fulfillment of customers’ material requirements is supported through a variety of methods: KANBAN, Just-In-Time (JIT), Lean Manufacturing, Consignment, MRP Share, Level-Loading, Electronic-Data-Interface (EDI), Dock-to-Stock and Dynamic Forecasting

What's your policy regarding non-authorized distributors? (gray market suppliers, brokers)

We fully understand that supply chain participants are increasingly vulnerable to risks associated with the procurement of electronic components from non-franchised distributors. Whether due to availability, obsolescence, lead-time or pricing pressures, these factors increase the risk of procuring non-genuine, counterfeit or used parts.

SWEMCO only purchases components from the manufacturer or from distributors that are buying components direct from the manufacturer, unless specifically authorized in writing by our customer to pursue other sources.