From stand alone test and measurement equipment in the laboratory, to precision controls systems used in nuclear reactors, SWEMCO’s program experience and expertise covers a wide range of applications, environments, complexities and certifications.  

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Nuclear Power Station Test Controls
SWEMCO has advanced the design and build custom test control platforms used in nuclear power plants on behalf of Triumph Group, Inc.

  • Design for Obsolescence
  • Prototype Builds
  • Documentation for Certification and Production
  • Software Solutions

Oil and Gas Monitoring
SWEMCO is proud to have supported Metso’s team of 16,000 industry experts in more than 50 countries for more than three decades.  Oil and Gas detection, acquisition, production and distribution requires hardware solutions that are reliable, safe and cost effective.

  • 30+ year history
  • New Product Introduction
  • Lifecycle Component Management

Power Controls 
SWEMCO designs and manufactures the Power Controllers utilized by a leading glass manufacturer in its global glass making facilities.  SWEMCO works closely with their global logistics and plant management to assure world class precision controllers are available to the field when required.

  • SCR Power Controllers
  • 100% “Up-Time” Performance
  • Lead-Time Management for Flexibility and Precision Logistics